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How to Correctly Use the Mohs Hardness Pen

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A Mohs hardness pen is a simple tool used for testing the hardness of various materials. It is designed based on the Mohs hardness scale, which is a commonly used standard for comparing material hardness. Here’s a detailed introduction to the Mohs hardness pen:

1. Structure and Components:
– A Mohs hardness pen typically consists of a metal pen tip and an adjustable metal sleeve.
– The pen tip is made of metal with different hardness levels, often steel, to simulate various mineral hardness.
– The pen tip is usually labeled with the hardness grade, such as MOHS 4 (corresponding to the Mohs hardness level).

2. Working Principle:
– The Mohs hardness pen operates based on the relative comparison of hardness. It attempts to create scratches on the tested material’s surface using the pen tip made of metal with varying hardness levels.
– The higher the hardness grade of the pen tip, the lower its ability to create scratches on the tested material. If the pen tip doesn’t leave a scratch, it indicates that the tested material’s hardness exceeds that of the pen tip.

3. Application Areas:
– Mohs hardness pens are typically used to test the hardness of minerals, rocks, concrete, metals, and other materials.
– They find applications in geology, construction, materials science, and the jewelry industry for identifying material hardness and for initial classification.

4. Usage Guidelines:
– Before using a Mohs hardness pen, ensure that the pen tip is undamaged and not worn, to ensure the accuracy of the test.
– Test the pen tip on a clean surface, avoiding testing on surfaces that are already coated or painted to prevent interference with the test results.


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