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How to Renovate Marble Floors

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I. Marble Floor Renovation Methods:

1. Light Renovation:
For marble surfaces with slight scratches, you can perform a light renovation. If there is old wax on the floor, start by removing it. Then, use an 800-grit diamond polishing pad with water for about ten minutes.

2. Moderate Renovation:
If the marble surface lacks luster and cannot reflect objects properly but doesn’t have deep scratches, a moderate renovation process can be applied. Use 200-grit, 400-grit, 800-grit, 1500-grit, and 3000-grit diamond resin pads for consecutive polishing, following the same method and precautions as mentioned above.

3. Deep Renovation:
When the surface of the marble has holes, weathering, severe corrosion, has completely lost its luster, and has deep scratches, a deep renovation process is needed. Before renovating, repair any holes by cleaning the debris from the holes, letting the stone dry, and using epoxy or unsaturated resin matching the color and reflectivity of the original stone for repairs. Afterward, use heavy machinery with renovation discs and diamond polishing pads with grits ranging from 50 to 3000 for consecutive polishing. The polishing method and precautions are the same as for light renovation.

II. Marble Renovation and Polishing Steps:

1. Comprehensive Cleaning:
Start by removing concrete residue from the gaps between the marble pieces using a knife. Then, thoroughly remove dust using brushes, vacuum cleaners, and other tools. Clean the floor with a dry and clean mop to ensure there are no sand particles or impurities.

2. Repair Damaged Areas:
After the overall cleaning of the marble surface, use marble adhesive to repair small damaged areas and seams between the marble pieces. First, repair the damaged surface using marble adhesive that matches the color of the stone. Then, use a specialized stone seam cutter to re-cut the seams, making sure they are uniform in width, and fill them with matching marble adhesive. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

3. Overall Polishing:
Once the marble adhesive is dry, use a polishing machine to polish the entire floor. Polish horizontally, paying particular attention to the seams between the marble pieces and the edges near walls, decorative elements, and irregular shapes. Keep the marble floor level during the first pass of polishing. After the initial pass, reapply marble adhesive to the seams and proceed with a second pass of polishing. Use marble renovation machines with steel diamond pads, progressing from coarse to fine grits. This process requires a total of seven rounds of polishing to achieve a smooth, shiny surface with no visible seams between the marble pieces.

4. Water Absorption Treatment:
After polishing, use a water absorption machine to treat the floor’s moisture and a drying machine to ensure the marble surface is dry. If time allows, you can also let the floor air dry naturally to maintain a dry surface.

5. Application of Marble Crystallizer and Polishing:
Evenly spray marble crystallizer on the floor and use a marble polishing machine to polish it. Use a cleaning machine with a red cleaning pad, applying an equal amount of water and marble crystallizer to the surface while polishing. The heat generated during this process leads to the crystallization of the material on the marble surface, resulting in the desired surface effect.

6. Overall Floor Maintenance:
If the marble has wide gaps, apply a marble protector and perform an additional round of polishing to increase the hardness of the entire surface.

7. Floor Cleaning and Maintenance:
Once the marble surface has a crystalline mirror finish, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any residue and moisture from the floor. Finish by using a polishing pad to ensure the entire floor is completely dry.

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