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How to Renovate Terrazzo Floors

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I. How to Renovate Terrazzo Floors:

1. Firstly, the floor needs to be cleaned, removing any debris and making necessary repairs. Then, the surface is ground to make it smooth and glossy, removing the weathered layer and stains.

2. Start by dividing the work area into reasonable sections and clear the area that needs renovation. For areas where work cannot stop, the renovation process should be divided into sections, and each area must be cleared before proceeding with the next phase.

3. For severely damaged terrazzo floors, cutting, repairing, and grinding may be necessary. Repair materials should match the existing terrazzo in terms of stone type and color to achieve a consistent level after grinding.

II. Terrazzo Floor Polishing Steps:

1. In the first round, use 50 or 200 grit Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Discs to remove the weathered layer and stains. Multiple passes may be needed for uneven areas to achieve a smooth and polished effect.

2. After polishing, inspect the floor and perform necessary repairs. Fill any significant holes or depressions on the floor. The floor must reach a certain level of strength before proceeding to the next step. After repairs, use resin grinding discs in sequence from 50 to 3000 grit. After grinding, thoroughly clean the floor, ensuring no debris or excess water is left.

III. Terrazzo Floor Maintenance and Polishing:

1. To address weathering and abrasion on terrazzo, a common and convenient method is to clean the surface of the stone and apply a layer of wax. This approach offers some protection to new terrazzo surfaces and delays natural weathering and abrasion. In the case of terrazzo surfaces that have weathered over the years, a simple grinding process can restore the terrazzo’s appearance at a fraction of the construction cost.

2. The reason that waxing alone is not a true stone surface treatment is that it does not address the critical technical aspect of terrazzo treatment. Terrazzo’s glossy and transparent appearance is mainly due to the formation of a glass-like film on the surface during mechanical processing. This film not only provides a reflective shine but also reveals the underlying patterns and textures of the stone. To restore the beautiful appearance of weathered terrazzo, a new glass-like film must be formed on the surface.

3. The technical principle of terrazzo floor grinding and polishing machines involves removing the weathered, aged layer on the surface, revealing the fresh layer, and using special mechanical methods to create a new glass-like film on the terrazzo surface, thus restoring its natural luster. The entire process includes multiple steps.

4. This process addresses both the root cause and the visible problem by making rough and dirty terrazzo smooth and shiny, achieving a mirror-like effect. It is a cost-effective renovation method. The construction is clean, free from dust, mud splashes, or noise. It can be carried out in locations like shopping malls or hotels while they remain open. It can also alter traditional floor construction processes, such as laying a rough base or mosaic before grinding, reducing costs, and eliminating visible seams in the process.

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